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Rapid R.O. water purifier is well known company dealing in water purifiers around the nation. As Rapid R.O. becomes most acceptable brand in India subcontinent since 2005. Our company has passed ISO 9001:2008 quality certificates within a short span of time. Rapid has become most popular brand name in the market and appreciated by best OEMs and thousand of customers throughout India due to our quality control and commitment towards technology.

Product Profile

With almost 9 years of rich experience, knowing that applications have different needs, Rapid R.O. selects right combination of components for R.O. products with excellent technical strength and innovation, whether you need domestic R.O. water purities and their components, mineral water plants with chillers, U.V. Ultra Filtration, water softeners, plants for villages, hospitals, societies, hotels, schools etc. Rapid offers a single point access and availability under one roof.


Quality control department ensures that every unit before leaving the manufacturing premises includes step wise inspection and aggressive performance testing of each unit as per international standards.


Our goal is to make our OEMS more technically strong for their success by providing the highest quality products at competitive price to satisfy their customers. Domestic and commercial units are readily available in Domestic R.O. system they are available from 10-50 LPH and in commercial 100-2000 Ltrs/Hrs and above 2000-10000 Ltrs/Hrs on order.

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