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  1. Customer has always been the centre of our business.
  2. We are in close and constant touch with our customer, listening to them and understanding their needs.
  3. We have created exciting new products and service to satisfy their needs.
  4. We have educated them to change their perceptions and Practices.
  5. A sale in only the beginning of a relationship we make a special efforts to let the Bonds of friendships endure through service, post purchase training and a host of other customer care incentives.
  6. Every one in the company strives to make our customer's friends for ever.
  7. We have rechristened our offices as making them the hub of all customer centric efforts.
  8. A significant part of our revenue comes from relationship marketing including service. Contract, spares and accessories sales, product, up gradations and references or new customer.
  9. As more channels to reach out to customers were introduced, organization was restructured to harmonize these multiple avenues of interaction and present a single face to the customer any customer in everyone's customer under this process of convergence.

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