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How Safe your drinking water :

Do you know that our tape and ground water is not as good as it was during our forefather time? Although due to climatic change, drought and alarming levels of salinity, industrial wastes, sources like river, catchments and reservoir system are under dire stress which deteriorates the water quality day by day. Further, one does not get sufficient water from river and has to resort to underground water, which generally is contaminated with dissolved impurities. By the time water (Municipal or ground water) reaches your tap, it may get contaminated on way which leads to common water problem. Although water treatment plants meet the safe drinking water standards, but still water pollutants may be present in your tape water.

Increasing Dissolved Impurities


Water might be pure while leaving the treatment plants. But when it travels miles through the ageing pipes, which are corroded at many places, the rust from pipes become soluble, and gets released into water and is generally invisible. Shocking but true! Further at many places, municipal drinking water does not come for more than 2 to 5 hrs. in a day. This not only leaves water pipeline empty but also make them prove to oxidation and rusting.


Pesticides are deadly chemicals, used to eliminate weeds, insects and other harmful elements in crops, but this consistent use has however produced its own harm. Surprisingly pesticides too are entering our ground water and are contaminating our drinking water.


Arsenic is a semi metal element in the periodic table. It is odorless and tasteless. It can enter drinking water supplies from natural deposits of the earth of from Agriculture, or industrial practices, this problem is widely experienced in many regions across India. Consumption of arsenic can cause skin damage, circulatory system problem and an increased risk of lung and kidney cancers.


Fluoride is a major naturally occurring contaminant in drinking water it is found on very high levels in east and north India.


Many old home and building have pipes and plumbing fixture that contain lead, lead easily reach from pipes into drinking water. Its long term effects include stroke, kidney problem and cancer.


Metals like mercury, zinc, copper and cadmium usually enter the water supply as industrials wastes and their excessive concentrations can cause physiological damage to human, including damage to the central nervous system.


At most of the places, municipal drinking water comes for not more than 2 to 5 hrs. Therefore, the water is stored in overhead tanks that, results in excessive bacteria and virus growth and this can lead to diseases like cholera dysentery diarrhoea and typhoid.


To overcome the problems mentioned above Rapid proudly present the revolutionary reverse osmosis membrane technology. It removes dangerous diseases causing by bacteria, virus and all dissolved impurities with particles. This purifier is suitable for all types of sources of raw water, from bore-well, overhead storage tank, water tankers or municipal supply times, this revives the original taste of water by reducing total dissolved solid and eliminating pathogenic micro organisms, making your water pure as well as sweet.

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